What kind of Parent Are You? Survey

13 Jul

This post is to look at what kind of parent you are?  There is no right or wrong way to parent, the goal is to raise the kids in the way it feels right to you.  Your own experiences and beliefs will impact how you raise them.  So, how do we raise our kids?  Are we considered Very Strict, Strict, Neutral, Relaxed, Very Relaxed, No Rules / Anything Goes – or something else???

This survey is designed for middle grades and high school grade parents – by then, we have more information and data to work with.

I would love some comments, here are some things to think about.  However, NO FLAMING anyone, everyone has their rights to their own beliefs and choices!!

Let’s address some topics:


1.  Eating

  • I let me kids eat whatever they want, they cook all their own meals and make their own food choices. (Age ____________)
  • I let my kids have a say in what they want, they may be picking and we cook around their pickiness but I make sure they eat a balance of healthy food despite that it may not be a broad choice of foods.
  • I don’t tolerate pickiness, my kids eat what is on the table.
  • I make sure my kids each a vegetable every day, even the ones they don’t like.
  • I don’t let my kids eat any sugar.
  • I let my kid eat VERY LITTLE sugar.
  • I don’t let my kid each a lot of starches, breads, flours, rice, etc.
  • I don’t let my kid each at fast food places like McDonalds.
  • I tell my child about all the foods that contain fat and tell them not to eat fatty foods or they will get fat.
  • We buy all lowfat items in the house.
  • We don’t drink fruit juices since it has all that sugar in it.
  • My kids are not allowed to drink any soda.
  • My kids are allowed to eat a little bit of everything, sugar, starch, fat, protein, veggies/fruit, fruit juice, they just do it in moderation.
  • We don’t spend an overwhelming about of time talking about “good” food vs. “bad” food in our house.
  • We encourage our kids not to overeat at a meal and eat small portions at meals.
  • My kids love fruits and vegetables and eat them by choice, often, and all the time.
  • If left alone and told they could eat whatever they wanted to for a day, would you expect your child would still eat close to what they normally eat or make difference choices?


2.  Money


  • I talk to my kids about money all the time.
  • My kids like it when I talk to them about how adults use money in the real world.
  • My kids currently have no interest yet in how financials of the adult world work.
  • My kids view of how expensive something is – is based on their own knowledge / experience / feeling or from what you as a parent have taught them?
  • All my children are motivated to get good paying jobs and be working and would rather work than sit on a could and collect welfare.
  • Do your kids know how much money your family makes?  Do they know that people generally don’t share that information with others?
  • Do your children know much big things costs – like a car vs. a house vs. a college education?
  • Do your children know what they want to be when they grow up?  If so, do they know what the average salary is for that job and what type of “lifestyle” that provides financially?


3.  House Rules


  • Would you say you are very strict, moderately strict, somewhat strict, middle, somewhat loose, moderately loose, or very loose (i.e. no rules at all) when it comes to house rules?
  • Are their rules about how sons can dress?
  • Are their rules about how daughters can dress?
  • Do most of your rules coincide with most of the peers of your child- would you say, you are stricter about clothing, same, or looser.
  • Are their rules about cell phone?  Age they can have one?  Can they have data on their phones?  Can they text?  Time texting allowed?  Can you read the texts?
  • Are their rules about dating?  At what age can they “date”?  At what age can they actually go “out on a date.”  Would you care if they went on a same-sex date (that was a date, not a friend)?  Are their rules about kissing, when and if it is allowed?
  • Are kids allowed over at the house?  Can opposite gender go in their bedrooms?  How about with door open?
  • Can your kids drive with other kid drivers?  If so, after how long after they have been driving        ____________________
  • If you let your kid out with kid A and kid A gets into a crash, causing your child to break their arm in the crash and your child wants to still ride with kid A after her arm heals, can she?
  • Do your children have chores?  How many?  How long does it take them?  Do they complain regularly about them?
  • Do you pay allowance for your kids chores?
  • What types of punishments do you give your kids when they do something wrong?


4.  School


  • Do your kids get good grades?  (mostly A’s and B’s)
  • Do your kids get their homework done right away after school or later?
  • Do you need to remind your kids about school work?
  • Do you help your kids with school work?
  • Do you help them keep track of assignments?
  • Do you help them study for tests?
  • Do your kids ever get 0’s for missing assignments?
  • Are your kids very responsible about school?
  • What do you do when your kids get a D or F on a test grade or start doing badly in a class?
  • What do you do if bullies start bothering your child at school?
  • Do you expect your child to go to college?  2 year or 4 year?
  • Do you think parents should help kids transition into college or do you think the kids should just be “on their own” and left to figure it all out by then?


Anything you feel like answering, great, if not, that’s fine… I am just collecting data (it will be anonymous) and I will put together some qualitative analysis if this ever gets traction and I get responses!


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