Microsoft vs. Google vs. Apple – the three big players and what they offer, which products are best

24 Jul

So we have the three big tech companies – MICROSOFT, GOOGLE, and  APPLE.  They all offer similar and different products and services.  I am the average techie consumer, I would say.  By that I mean, someone who is moderately into technology but not a huge tech geek, just your every day person.  Your average tech person uses a computer, smart phone, and tablet.  So what benefits do each of the three big players offer with respect to these everyday products.   There are two ways to break this done – one is by product – i.e. smartphone and compare each company, another way is by Company and what that company’s strengths are.  I would like to do it both ways because there are some hidden treasures out there when you look at strengths within a company rather just device.

First – let’s look at devices:

Operating Systems and Search Engines.  Now I know these are two different things but remember I am the average consumer, not a big techie geek so bear with my while I group these together for us “normal” people.  Just an FYI, the operating system are things like Windows, Chrome (but the operating system chrome, I think there is one…not the browser, Google is not focused too much on OS, I don’t think… Sorry if you are Google, you don’t come off that way to the average user…), and Apple’s IOS.  Basically, if you run a PC, most people use Windows (Microsoft) or if you have an Apple Computer, they use Apple’s IOS.  Some people might run Linux (a whole different operating system) and the Chromebook I think runs the Chrome OS.  Windows can be a pain, I hear Linux is great to work with but most things don’t run on Linux so if you want to live in the average word rather than the geek world, Linux is usually not an option.  I hear good things about Apple’s OS but I have always been a PC user.  None of the above stand out as an amazing experience above the others in my opinion.

As for the Search Engines – Microsoft makes Bing, it is a Google wanna be, it is still behind the time and I don’t think anyone will ever do search like Google!  I don’t like Safari at all!  So, Google without a doubt stands out in Search!

Smartphones – Microsoft makes its Windows phone and a few folks like it and it, like Apple, try to make so you get integrated with all Microsoft stuff well but then don’t work so well with outside players.   This is what makes Android so popular, Android doesn’t play favorites, it happily works with all players.  It has always been ahead of the game on all the things it can do, etc.  I was always jealous when I had an iphone and my husband had his Android phone and he could do things I could not.  Now, if you are very average or especially less than average in the tech world, you won’t use all the features Android has to offer and in fact, having so many things will just make it too complicated to learn!  This is where Apple comes in and saves the day!  Apple is a GREAT product, it does close to all the things Android can do and it does them in a much sleeker and more user friendly way.  They also have the “I am special, I use Apple,” motto, sorry folks, but that is how it is…. they cost more and hit the high end of the market and choose to stay there.  They choose to stay proprietary with what they make and not integrate what they do with more common technologies (i.e. they don’t use standard chargers like other phones and tablets).  These are just facts, I still love the Apple iphone, it fills a great market.  Google rushes through their product development and pushes things out quickly while Apple goes slow and makes sure things are very friendly and attractive.  In fact, I think the winner of the phone market is a tie between Apple and Android since both markets need to filled and unless the makers of Android phones can find a way to make phones that are more user friendly, this divide will always be there.

Tablets – I started with an Ipad, then I went to an Android tablet, then back to a Ipad, and just bought a Microsoft Surface Pro 3.  Why do you want a tablet becomes the question?  How will you use the tablet?  I think the answer to this greatly dictates what tablet you get.  Prices vary a lot.  You can some Android tablets very cheap, Ipads cost more and the Microsoft surface pro costs the most if you get a good one.  If you are a mom and want good educational apps for your child to play on in doctors offices, draw on, check mail, and internet with something that is easy to use – the Ipad is a great choice.  If you already have an iphone, sticking with Apple is a great choice.  If you have an Android phone and know how to work with its interface, an android tablet is a good choice or if price is a problem.  If, however, you are a college student or a professional who will be taking a lot of notes / doing a lot of organizing, etc. at his or her job, HANDS DOWN, get the Microsoft Surface Pro!  Even if you are in high school, having one of these is amazing, it is too bad that we have to worry about our kids and theft at school since this would be a great device rather than notebooks at school for them!  Someday, this is all we will have! I did not even know what I was missing until I got the Surface Pro 3, most people probably don’t know the amazing capabilities it has with One Note.  I read somewhere that the one thing Microsoft has done right is the Surface Pro!!  It is so true.

So – as I mentioned I would do, if we look at a comparison of the companies’ qualities by company we have:



  • Amazing Search
  • Amazing Maps
  • Great Phones
  • Inexpensive good tablets
  • All check out Google Drive – like Office but free and everything is stored for you securely online
  • Gmail



  • Great simplicity and user interface design
  • Great phones
  • Great tablets


  • Surface Pro (not regular Surface)
  • One Note – amazing integration
  • Great product for students!!!


I hope this is helpful, at a later date as I continue to learn all about the features of One Note I will write more about it.  I wish Microsoft put together better tutorials for learning, they have been difficult to follow and I feel like I am on my own!

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