What to know before you consider a tummy tuck / Adominoplasty

22 Feb
  •  This is a very difficult surgery.
  • Don’t compare it and how well you did in other surgeries.
  • Don’t listen to your friend , Sally, who was at work in one week and running in 5 weeks. Everyone is different.
  • Know the different ways the surgery can be done, drainless, drains, or quilted with small drains.
  • Know the doctor really well, make sure you are comfortable with his practices if the worst happens. Ask him, if I have complications, how often will you see during those times.  how will I know what complications to look for? How often can I call or text or see you if I am having problems?
  • Ask about scar revisions and how those work.
  • Read all paperwork and make sure you know the risks, what they mean, what to look for, what will happen, how they fix them, etc.
  • After your surgery, your surgeon can have very different ideas of care than other doctors.  It is wise to trust your gut and get second options if needed.  RealSelf is a great resource.
  • Understand what is being done.  How long is the surgery.  What other procedures will be done, for example, lipo and where?
  • Know what to expect after surgery.  Will the lipo areas hurt and be bruised.nnhow how long does that last?  Should it swell?  How long?  What happens if I fell a lumpy area or squishy area or a really hard area?  What if I have certain types of pain that are different from the regular pains.
  • If I need wound care, how often are you going to see me?  Can I text whenever something worries me?

Before re getting a TT know that this is a BIG surgery.  Expect 2-4 weeks down and then slowly building recovery from there.  Everyone is different, some heal faster, some even slower.  You also don’t know who will have wound issues.  You need good home care and support.

Things to buy are:

  1.  A walker, it will save your back
  2. lip balm
  3. books or music or movies but stuff to do while hanging out bored
  4. eventaully need scar cream, I like Mederma advanced scar gel.
  5. you also should have a shower chair
  6. you also might like coconut oil to massage stomach with and can use on the scar.
  7. throat lozenges (you don’t want to cough)
  8. protein for healing
  9. zinc, vit c, and bromelein for supplements


Know now things like that you are most likely getting a vag lift … This means, your pubic hair line goes up to your scar now and you have a lot more hair than before.  It also repositions the vaginal opening so sex feels different.  The angles are off, it takes some getting used to.

Know that your mons pubis area can get quite swollen and look distirbing.

Know that many people have belly button problems.  Swelling can last for a long time.  It gets the worst between weeks 3 and 8 and then starts to get better but you still get swelling at the end of the day or after exercise,

Read my post on wound care, look at the photos, this happens to people, could you deal with it if it was you?  I liked drainless but drains may have saved me from all my wound problems, so I don’t know. Ideally, I would want a quilted approach with 1 small drains at the flap.

There is tightness, numbness, healing, etc issues to think about.  It really take at least one year to recover, that is a long time.  At 2 months now, I still have some swelling, lots of swelling at my open wound, I have one wound still open and another closed, I have a belly button trying to heal, and I have a ton of tightness in my lower stomach.  I also have hard scar tissue forming in large areas near the scars that are painful.  It is less flexible and will throbb.

It it is a big surgery. More than just, yeah, let’s go get my stomach flat today.  Good luck with your choice.  Most women don’t regret it but do wish they were better informed about what to expect.





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