Update on Whiskey

05 Nov

Whiskey will be 4 in December 2016.  It is hard to believe that we have had him for almost 4 years now.  He continues to build trust and make progress.  His response to strangers continues to get better.  It is all in the person’s energy.  People who are dog friendly but respect his boundaries without pushing him, do really well.  Tonight we had a house full of strangers and he was off leash among us.  He also went and took treats from my sister in law, jumped up on her and crawled into her lap for treats.  She was able to lightly pet him while he was being fed treats.  This was a huge accomplishment.

He still doesn’t like dogs but is getting more relaxed about them too, he will come to me when he sees them rather than stay barking at them.  I feel that we could possibly introduce him to a puppy or really relaxed dog.  Each day that goes by and he learns that nothing bad happens to him, is another day for improvement.


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