Nora Snoring Device an independent review

25 Feb

Snoring was really becoming a problem for my husband and I.  I was not sleeping but we did not want to go to separate beds.  We tried a sleep study and he was borderline for a Cpap and that seemed expensive and like a lot f work.  We tried the nose strips, the xhim straps, and he saw several ENTs.   Some nose sprays helped but would give him bloody noses after a week.

When I would get frustrated while sleeping, I would try moving his s pillow and that would “adjust” him and sometimes stop the snoring for a bit which is why Nora applied to me. It was doing what I was intuitively trying too do.  It was expensive though, still it had a mney back guarantee and I had to try.  I looked for reviews but they were all reviews from biased sources trying to sell the product so I couldn’t trust them. I have no affiliation, just a customer.

Ths smday 2, so the jury s still out too.  But, so far, i will report what we have seen.  It took a long time to get here, was back ordered.  It was easy to set up.  The pad under the pillow surprised me with how much it inflates.  As f now, hubby will start to snore and just get into a light snore and then it triggers and he stops.  Before, his light snore would get louder and louder until we were both awake. He says he has been woken up from it but didn’t elaborate but seems to fall right back to sleep and the great news is that I am not waking up all night long. So, on day 2, I am pleased, I will let you know if anything changes.

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