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30 Apr

is your child ready to head off to high school ?  Exciting isn’t it ?  Just three short years ago, my son was heading into his freshman year and now after what seems like a blink of an eye, he is going to be a senior in a couple weeks.  My daughter will be a he new entering Freshman now.

These aren’t my first two kids to do high school.  I already had two other high school graduates.  Their years flew by too.  I have learned some things though.  First, is a question for you, how do you feel about college?   We pass a lot of how we feel onto our kids, sometimes that’s a good thing, other times it is not.  College has become a debated issue lately, it is expensive, s it necessary?  Well, that depends on a few things:

  1.  You feel strongly your child should go to college.
  2. your child feels strongly that he or she should go to college
  3. your child’s career goals match one where a college degree is expected
  4. you or your college want college for maturity and growth and the college experience

Now, if your child wants to do a job that doesn’t really require a college degree, like work a restaurant, be a fed ex driver, be in sales, etc. college isn’t worth it except for the growth, maturity, and experience.  You can also get training from vocational programs that don’t require college like hvac repair, beauty school, ekg tech.

Lets say that college student son the plans, your child wants to be an engineer or computer programmer.  Most jobs want a four year degree.  So, what does that have to do with freshman year of high school?

Remember how fast I said these years would fly by, well, freshman year is not a huge deal but even then it can be setting you up…. Sttin you up for what?  For future classes, the big plan… th enigma plan actually starts to come together Freshman year when you select classes.  Students need to start thinking long term, start thinking about college and goals.

Here are some examples:  Case wants to be a computer programmer and wants to get in a competitive college.  He needs to be taking the right classes now,that lead him to the best classes latter:

Freshman year, he takes Hon Eng, Hon World His, Hon Math 3, Hon Bio, PE, intro programming 1, Spanish 1, intro Engineering

**These set him up for future classes

Sophomore year:  Hon Eng 2, Hon US Hist, Hon Pre Calc, Hon Chem, AP Chem, Spanish 2, programming 2, Engineering 2

*** Notice he took his first AP class and arranged it to follow Honors Chem

Junior Year:  AP Eng, Hon US Hist 2, AP Calc AB, College Calc 2, AP Physics c AP Computer Science, AP Environmental Science,

** notice now we have, AP English, APES, AP Calc AB, AP Physics C, AP CS tests…. that is up to 16 credit hours plus 4 college transfer hours

Right now, his transcripts show 2 full semesters of Calculus with college credit, one aken at a college, 1 Calculus based Physics class, a Computer Science class, another regular science, a Chemistry credit, and Engineering she credit (if allowed).  This all looks great to a prospective college.

Additionally, over the summer between Junior and Senior year, I would suggest taking two gen ed CLEP courses and getting credit.  It is just memorizing and asking a test.  This will give you another 6 credits.

Finally, senior year, take more AP and or college classes.

Case might take:  Senior year:  Hon Eng 3, Hon Civics, Theater, AP Statistics, Calc 3’atnthe college, Physics 2 at the college,

When he graduates, not only will he have met most of his freshman classes for college, he will over 30 hours and start college as a sophomore, saving money or with the ability mtomtake a lighter load.





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