Your kids about to drive… how can you keep them safe? Cars to consider

08 Jul

My son got his permit at age 15, fast forward a year, he barely drives.  He doesn’t really want to drive and isn’t very good at it.  Six mnths later, we realize we need to get him driving more.  We increase the frequency but still, no one feels good about it.  More time ticks away and now we are down to a few months before the start of school.  He HAS to drive by the end of the month.  He has no transportation to his college classes from his high school.  We start driving daily.  He drives in our car.  It has a blind spot warning, which I love and precollission warning and breaking.  But, the car is big, hard to park, and doesn’t have other safety features I wanted.  So I started showing around.  I wanted to spend under $20k and it had to have:

  1.  Lane keep assist, this will beep if you leave your lane
  2. Steering Assist, this steers you back into your lane if you go out
  3. backup camera
  4. pedestrian brake assist, will brake automatically if radar spots pedestrian
  5. high speed and low speed break assis – if you are going to crash, car will notify you and auto brake (may just slow you down so your crash isn’t as hard or completely stop you, depending on speed)
  6. blind spot detection mirrors can be installed ($650)
  7. adaptive cruise control, car auto brakes based on distance between cars and set speed

The 2017 Toyota Corrola LE met these goals and came in just over $18k when all costs are added in plus 8 years of oil change package I bought.

The car was sporty look, we got white with grey inside.  It gets decent gas mileage, it drives well for a lower end car.  And most importantly it was the only car I could find with all the safety options on a low end car.  Many other models were missing one of the things on my list, they might have all but no,adaptive cruise control or another might have a funky blind spot camera for one mirror but not he other.  Or the cars didn’t have steer assist or they wouldn’t auotbreak in all settings.

So, this we think is he safest affordable car out there and my son will be trying for his license this month in his new Toyota Carolla.

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