Oral Conscious sedation dentistry … what is it really like?

08 Oct

I am not ashamed to admit that I have a phobia involving my mouth, teeth, and throat area.  Because of this, I avoid certain things.  Vomiting scares the crap out of me and I run from vomiting children, yes, even my own…., I panicked through a neck ultrasound that was done, and I avoid the dentist.

So, after escaping two years, I started feeling a pain I couldn’t ignore so I went in.  One of my front teeth need a root canal and crown.  Another nearby needed two fillings.  On top of that two theeth were slanted poorly, causing food to collect often that would soon lead to future problems.  So, I decided to be proactive this time in hopes of saving me more work later, I would just get four crowns on my four front teeth.and the bad one would also need a root canal.  The insurance will pick up a piece but I will be stuck with a lot because they don’t do preventative measures in these cases.

The thought of going through 4 crowns with 1 root canal seems horrible to me, so I am doing conscious sedation.  I hope it works!  The plan is no food or drink after midnight tomorrow.  Tuesday morning, I wake at 7am and take 2mg of Lorazapam.  Hubby drives me in and doctor assess if I need more meds.  Then we start…I will blog about how it goes and feels afterwards… even if I am still high on drugs and then make a,more,coherent version after… wish me luck… TO BE CONTINUED…



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