What if… we did math right?

24 Oct

What if we made developmentally sequencel goals that we want our children to reach.

what if these goals includes procedures and concepts?

what if we designed learning material to help students achieve these goals and had multiple approaches to teaching allowing the child to work with the easiest approach for their learning style.

What if the students got lots of practice and teacher feedback.

what if students could pretest themselves to see if they need more time or are ready for a test.

what if we provide more time and resources when a child isn’t yet ready instead of just having then fail a test.

what if they take a test and we spend time afterwards, helping them correct and understand what they got wrong.

what if we don’t move on to the next unit until we have a certain level of mastery with the current unit.

what if we continue to include previous material in new units so students don’t forget older topics and retain their mastery.

why don’t we focus on quality over quantity and not worry about kids memorizing formulas but instead can they correctly use and apply them.

teachers can be guides and facilitators  in the classroom, kids who are further along can help give lessons to their peers, online resources can be used to free up the traditional approach.

Assessments can contain questions that require many different types of learning, procedural, conceptual, appplications, theorical, experimental, etc.

why can’t we change how we do math? It seems so simple.





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