How to get accepted to NCSU College Engineering

23 Jan

Disclaimer: This is my personal opinion after research and experience with the college. I was a former advisor at the college a long time ago.

The College of Engineering is very competitive. You have to be a top student to attend. Students who get accepted usually have unweighted GPA’s around 3.8 and Weighted GPA’s 4.8 and higher (these will adjust lower with NC’s new quality point scale). So good grades is a must.

Additionally, you must have a strong standardized test score. Many students with good grades will get deferred if their SAT or ACT scores are not strong enough. You want to see an ACT be at least 30 (a 29 might do it but I would suggest a 30 or higher) and it’s equivalent in SAT (1375 or so). Without a good score here, you severely limit your chances of acceptance, many deffered students are kids with SAT’s in the 1200’s or ACT’s like 26.

Numbers are not the only things the school looks at though. If you have great grades but only took the basic math track: Math 1,2,3, and College Math and has never taken any physics classes, they are not going to be as competitive with a kid who took Math 3,Pre Calc, Calc AB, Calc BC, and AP Physics C and AP Chem, even with the same or slightly lower scores.

The moral of the story is fill up on all the STEM classes in high school. You should take: Calculus AB and BC or Calc 1 and 2 at a community college, take Physics 1 and 2 (preferably, AP Physics C, if not offered, take Calculus based Physics 1 and 2 at your community college), take AP Chem or Community College Chemistry,

Showing up with 2 years of Calculus, 2 years of Physics, 1 year of Chemistry shows the college you are ready for engineering. It also gives you lots of credits to give you a head start in your course work.

Remember the EC’s, be well rounded, join things that use engineering, like Robotics team and join things that showcase who you are, a great musician, actor, artist, etc.

Show personality in your essay, tell a story that shows who you are, make it fun and detailed but also link it to something that shows your passions.

Remember your junior year is the most important year! Make your grades shine that year.


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