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High school choices for gifted students in Wake High Schools

27 Feb

Your child is academically gifted and you want to maximize their potential. Great, good job being proactive in your child’s life, strengths, and awareness of their needs.  I would be remiss to not point out that academics is not everything and a good balanced person is ideal.  Someone who is smart but do not make  others feel dumb, someone who can connect socially with many different types of people,  and someone who appreciates that other people can have fantastic gifts that are not intellectual.

So, what hgh schools offer the most for children?  Let’s look at the pros and cons of a few:


  1.  STEM EARLY college…I generally like this project gram, it has a very set theme, kids earn college credits while in high school, however, all electives are in science, math, computer science,and engineering somthta better be your passion.  Now a con, it is very difficult to get a spot.

2,  Raleigh Charter High School, a great school for the basics. There is very little offered in electives and the ones they have are weak.  So, if you choose this, is you can expect a no bellls,r,whistle learning environment for math, science, English,and social studies.  The kids are very studius and don’t interact the same way you see  a traditinal highschool. They get lots of HW but go to school 1.5 hr less per day.


3.  Southeast Raleigh Magnet Charter HS…. they have lots of academies like Engineering, Bimedical, and IT.  These are good programs but there has been a lot of turn over in faculty in these academies and the school as a whole.  I aslomfind that some teachers are great and some are lazy.  I have not been pleased with the AP classes at the school, I wish I knew the exact number but I would guess only 10% pass the math and science exams.  The teachers are terrible at teaching AP classes.  My child ghastly enjoyed being the big fish their but we have had to supplement to keep him on track academcally for the competitive college class of engineering  at NCSU that he wants to go to.


4.Cardinal Gibbons HighmSchool….l cant say too much because I have only had a small experience with students from there.  What I found is that they are academically weak. For example, there Math always a year behind ours.  When kids taken Algebra 2 there, they learn what we taught in Algebra 1.  There precalc be is like our math 3.  They never win national merit scholarships or get n best high school list so it is academically weak.

5.  Enloe will be the last school I talk about.  It has a good reputation.  it offers lots of great electives, a strong core and I hear good things about their AP scores. There is decent level of diversity, but the it does start at 7:25!


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